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Shree Jana Jivan Secondary School

Khairahani 2, Chainpur, Chitwan

27.633094,84.563417 Since 2011 Khairahani 2, Chainpur, Chitwan

Jana Jivan Secondary School is located in Chainpur village, Khairahani Municipality, Chitwan District, Nepal. It was officially established in 1960 by the local community, who recognized the importance of formal education in society. The school is one of the important schools in the Chitwan District and occupies about 2 hectares of land. It serves a population of around 30,000 people and currently has over 1100 students from various ethnic and community groups, including Janajati, Dalits, Tharus, Brahmins, and Kstretriyas.

Since the region is largely made up of fertile, plain land, agriculture is the primary industry of the people living in Chitwan. So likely, people of Chainpur village, home to Jana Jivan Secondary School, also rely on agriculture as their main source of income and generally have a modest economic status. Due to its rural location, Jana Jivan Secondary School lacks adequate infrastructure and many of its buildings are simple zinc-thatched sheds, which can be unpleasant for students to conduct learning activities smoothly specially during the hot summers that are typical in Chitwan.

During our visit in 2011, the community and school management committee requested assistance in constructing a new building to accommodate the large number of students at the school. In response, COYON in association with Hanuman Onlus planned to help the school with an earthquake-resistant building having six classrooms. Construction began in late 2011 and was completed by mid-2012. The building was jointly inaugurated on 7 October 2012 by the presidents of COYON and Hanuman Onlus.

In addition to constructing the new building, wet have also helped the school in renovating an existing building with 10 classrooms in 2011. Currently, We are planning to further assist the school by building an auditorium with a capacity for 300 people to be used for large school events. Construction on the auditorium is scheduled to begin in the last week of January 2023.

We believe that providing access to education and improved learning facilities can have a significant and lasting impact on individuals and communities, helping to break the cycle of poverty and promoting social and economic development. We are pleased that our support has had a positive impact on the students and community of Jana Jivan Secondary School.

What we did here so far?

Since our envolvement in this school at early 2011,

  • Renovation and painting the existing old building.
  • Construct new building with 6 clasrooms.

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