Cooperative Youth Organization Nepal (COYON) Benighat Rorang-5, Dhading

Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School

Benighat Bazaar, Dhading

27.812004, 84.781180 Since 2004 Benighat Bazaar, Dhading

Benighat is a village situated in Dhading district along the way on Prithivi Highway, the Kathmandu-Pokhara road. This village can be considered more developed than other villages in Nepal due to the presence of numerous government facilities such as a police station, medical clinic, veterinary office, and various administrative offices.

Among these important government offices, there is an important school named "Shree Chandrodaya Secondary School" lined in the center of this small town. Chandordaya means "raising moon". The school was started in 1958 AD (2013 BS), about 65 years ago by the local community without any government support, and initially had only one teacher for every three classes. The school was officially constructed in 2032 BS (1975 AD), about 48 years ago. After an office establishment, the government finally contributed additional teachers, and then the school has grown in importance.

Before 2004, the school only had eight classrooms, which made it difficult to accommodate the increasing number of students and carry out teaching activities. In 2004, COYON partnered with Hanuman Onlus to support the school by adding six more classrooms through an extension, bringing the total number of classrooms to 14. COYON also provided infrastructure improvements such as a library, toilets, fence wall, front garden, lighting system, painting and strengthening of the entire building.

In 2011, the school achieved a significant milestone by expanding from lower secondary to full secondary status, resulting in an increase in student enrollment to 435. The number of teachers also increased, from five to fifteen, and a nursery for children ages 3 to 5 was introduced. Currently, the school serves students in grades 1 to 10, which is equivalent to ages 5 to 15 in the school system.

Tragically, the devastating earthquake on April 25, 2015, the school was left vulnerable and we had to completely demolish it and rebuilt with a strong earthquake-resistant structure. The new school now has enough classrooms as well as a library, computer room, and other modern amenities. Today, the school is a thriving and vital part of the community, providing education to 435 students.

What we did here so far?

Since our envolvement in this school at early 2004, we have been able to carry out many actitivies to support the school, students and teachers.

  • Establishment of school library in early 2004.
  • Building with 6 rooms in 2005.
  • Toilet for student and teacher in 2006.
  • Another building with 4 roooms in 2007.
  • Scholastic materials and support to student.
  • Earthquake resistance building after massive earthquake of 2015.

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