Cooperative Youth Organization Nepal (COYON) Benighat Rorang-5, Dhading

Shree Harkapur Basic School

Benighat 4, Dhading

27.786477,84.813688 Since 2011 Benighat 4, Dhading

Harkapur Basic School is located in the Harkapur village, between Gomati and Irang village of Benighat, Dhading, Nepal. The village is about 6 kilometers south of the Prithivi Highway, the Kathmandu-Pokhara road and is only accessible by a dirt road with seasonal transportation. The community in Harkapur village is culturally and ethnically diverse, with Brahmins, Gurungs, Magars, and Dalits. Like many other rural villages in Nepal, the people of Harkapur rely on agriculture for their livelihood. However, the village is located on top of a mountain and lacks irrigation facilities, so farmers must rely on rainwater for their crops. In addition, there are no other sources of income in the village, so the residents are poor and have little financial stability.

The school was founded in 1975 AD as a primary school and became a lower secondary school in 1998. It was the only lower secondary school (serving grades 1-8) within a 3 kilometer radius and has approximately 190 students and 9 teachers. Lack of proper building hindered smooth learning activities in this school. With assistance from the government and local organizations, the villagers has managed to construct a small zinc plate thatched house to serve as a school building, but it was very old and vulnerable. In fact, a portion of the building has already collapsed, leaving only a small section standing.

The villagers, teachers and even students are desperately looking for the help with proper school building but being isolated in remote hill it was not eye-sighted by many concerned authorities or donor agencies. When we visited this school in 2010, the villagers requested us and we take the humble request warmly. Then we decided to build a strong structure with 10 classrooms.

Construction of the new school building was began in 2011 with the help of COYON and Hanuman Onlus. It completed in February 2012 and officially inaugurated on 10 March 2012. The community was grateful for the support they received as they can use this building for a suitable learning environment. The new school building is now a great assest to improve the quality of education in this school.

What we did here so far?

Since our envolvement in this school at early 2011

  • Construction of school building with 5 classrooms in 2011.
  • Toilet for student and teacher in 2011
  • Construction of Water tank to arrange water supply
  • Regular support with scholastic materials to student.
  • Reinforcement of existing building after massive earthquake of 2015.

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