Cooperative Youth Organization Nepal (COYON) Benighat Rorang-5, Dhading

Shree Irang Richok Basic School

Benighat 4, Dhading

27.765730,84.805703 Since 2008 Benighat 4, Dhading

Shree Irang Richok Primary School is located in Irang village, Benighat, Dhading District, Nepal. It is situated on top of a remote hill, about 10 km south of the main road, the Prithivi Highway. The school can now be reached by a 45-minute drive on a dirt road with a four-wheel vehicle, but when COYN and Hanuman Onlus first began assisting the school in 2008, the only way to get there was by foot, a journey of about four hours.

Shree Irang Richok Basic School, like Shree Chandrodaya School in Benighat and Bishaltar, has a long history dating back to 1960, about 62 years ago. When it was first established, the majority of community were not aware the value of education and there was a lack of infrastructure and teachers. Despite these challenges, the school has provided education to children in the area with minimal resources.

During our visit we find that the school building was in poor condition and seems like never undergone any renovations. The headmaster reported that the school had not received any support for building improvements from concerned departments, despite multiple requests. The local community, who are in poor economic conditions themselves, are also unable to provide much support.

After our visit, we considered it is necessary to start a new project due to the poor condition of the existing school building, which posed a danger to the students. We helped in building a new structure with seven classrooms, complete with bathroom, fence wire compounding and all necessary teaching materials for both teachers and students. The new building was inaugurated on 23 March 2010, but it was partially damaged in the earthquake of April 2015 and declared unusable by the Government of Nepal.

Again in 2021, COYON and Hanuman Onlus re-initiated the construction of an earthquake-resistant building for Shree Irang Richok Basic School, which was completed in 2022. The new building, which has eight classrooms, was inaugurated on 18 May 2022 by the president of COYON and the president of Hanuman Onlus, in the presence of Honorable Mr. Bhumi Prasad Tripathi, a Member of Federal Parliament from Dhading.

What we did here so far?

Since our envolvement in this school at early 2008,

  • Construction of school building with 7 rooms in 2008
  • Toilet for student and teacher in 2009
  • Water tank construction and water supply arrangement in 2009
  • Regular support with scholastic materials to student
  • Earthquake resistance building after massive earthquake of 2015

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